Yuga Labs’s metaverse projects dominated the top 10 digital land NFT sales for 2023

More than a year after its launch, Yuga Labs’s project Otherside still dominates metaverse land sales.

Otherside consists of parcels of virtual land called “Otherdeeds,” as well as creators that reside on it called Kodas. When Otherside first launched in May 1, 2022, it sold out within hours and netted Yuga $317 million in sales. Yuga then launched another project, Otherside Expanded, on April 3, 2023 as a companion for its 2D strategy game Otherside: Legends of The Mara.

The top 10 most expensive metaverse NFTs of the year belonged to either Otherdeed for Otherside or Otherdeed Expanded, according to a list of the top selling metaverse NFTs compiled by The Block Research.

The list is in ascending order based on the NFT’s dollar value when it sold, based on the price of ETH on that day according to The Block’s Price Page. Eight of the 10 NFTs on this list are owned by the ardent NFT collector n0b0dy.eth. The other two were burned months after sale.

10) Otherdeed #67782 — 182.5 ETH ($276,500)

Otherdeed for Otherside #67782. Image: X2Y2

This NFT sold for 182.5 ETH, which was worth $276,500 on Feb. 10, when ETH was worth about $1,515. It is the only one with the “Molten Melt” and “Mallowrium” traits, along with a rare “psychosilk” eastern resource that only 2.8% of other Otherdeed NFTs have.

The owner of the NFT seemingly sent it to a burn address a few months later on April 6, according to the blockchain explorer Etherscan.

9) Otherdeed #89263 — 186.69 ETH ($289,600)

Otherdeed for Otherside #89263. Image: X2Y2

This NFT is not only rare for the certain traits it has but the sheer amount of qualities it contains. Otherdeed #89263 contains 23 traits, which only 0.6% of the collection has. The NFT also has 1/1 enshrined koda core and 1/1 shrine seer koda head. Additionally, it has the kinsoul southern resource at 2.7% prevalence in the collection.

Otherdeed #89263 sold on Jan. 14 on X2Y2 for 186.69 ETH at $1,551 per ether on the day of sale.

8) Otherdeed #81764 — 185 ETH ($307,100)

Otherdeed for Otherside #81764. Image: X2Y2

Unique for its jungle environment (3.0% rarity) and bonestone southern resource (2.8%), Otherdeed #81764 sold on Jan. 20 on X2Y2 for roughly $307,100 when ETH was worth $1,660. Of the 100,000 Otherdeed NFTs, #81794 ranks as the 191th most rare of the collection, according to X2Y2’s rarity tracker.

7) Otherdeed #54421 — 200 ETH ($334,400)

Otherdeed for Otherside #54421. Image: OpenSea

This NFT is unique for its blade of eternum artifact (1/1), its brimstone eastern resource (6%), crystal environment (6%) and lumileaf northern resource (6%). ETH traded hands for $1,672 when this NFT sold for 200 ether on OpenSea on Feb. 7.

6 and 5) Otherdeed #2118 — 208 ETH ($361,300)

Otherdeed for Otherside #2118. Image: X2Y2

Same NFT twice? It appears that this NFT traded sold twice within seven hours of each other on March 22. And since the NFT is so expensive at 208 ETH, it secured its spot in the middle of this top 10 list.

ETH was worth $1,737 on the day of sale. Otherdeed #2118 has a Koda head with the twisty horn feature (0.3%), woodland Koda core (0.2%).

4) Otherdeed #23332 — 200 ETH ($374,200)

Otherdeed for Otherside #23332. Image: OpenSea

Otherdeed #23332 has a foretelling scroll artifact, a 1/1 trait, as well as a sky environment (5% rarity). The NFT sold for 200 ETH on OpenSea on May 2, when ETH was worth $1,871.

3) Otherdeed #7906 — 230 ETH ($390,000)

Otherdeed for Otherside #7906. Image: OpenSea

Otherdeed #7906 has numerous extremely rare features: a “mirror mirror” artifact (1/1), adventurer mantle koda clothing (0.18%) spirit wisps koda core (0.18%), dual time koda eyes (0.16%), and obsilica western resource (0.26%). It sold for 230 ETH on Feb. 17 on OpenSea with $1,695 for one ether at the time.

2) Otherdeed #11260 — 212.56 ETH ($402,200)

Otherdeed for Otherside #11260. Image: Blur

This Otherdeed, with a 1/1 shrine mentor koda head and 1/1 gorillatron koda core, sold for 212.56 ETH on April 11 on the NFT marketplace Blur when ETH was valued at $1,892.

This NFT also appears to have been destroyed, with its burn occurring on July 6.

1) Otherdeed Expanded #5227 — 270 ETH ($514,350)

Otherdeed Expanded #5227. Image: OpenSea

The most expensive metaverse NFT of 2023 was Otherdeed Expanded #5227. With its pandora’s box artifact (1/1), lumileaf eastern resource (3%) and sulfuric environment (4%), it was worth $514,350 at the time of sale when ETH was worth $1,905 on May 3.


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