XRP Ledger Hits Historic Milestone of 87 Million Ledgers: Details

XRP Ledger (XRPL) has reached a new milestone on its journey, successfully closing 87 million ledgers. This achievement is not just a number — it is a testament to the ledger’s enduring presence and growing influence in the blockchain space.

Ledgers, in the context of XRP Ledger, refer to immutable records of transactions and account balances that are maintained and validated by a distributed network of nodes.

The milestone of 87 million ledgers reflects the immense volume of activity and transactions that have occurred on XRP Ledger since its inception.

According to XRP Ledger services, the current ledger count is 87,012,561. The accounts’ count for XRP Ledger has surpassed five million and is now at 5,143,547. The total XRP in these accounts is 60,379,116,279 XRP.

Looking ahead, XRP Ledger is poised to continue its growth and evolution, with plans for further enhancements and upgrades in the pipeline.

Last month, after over two years in the making, XLS-30, the Automated Market Maker (AMM) amendment, went live on the XRP Ledger mainnet. The native feature was designed to provide on-chain liquidity and trading capabilities for DeFi developers and users.

Shortly after its launch, members of the XRPL community discovered a bug affecting AMM functionality. Following thorough testing, the AMM bug fix has been released and is now available under the 2.1.1 release of XRPL software, Rippled.

The AMM bug fix amendment has reached over 80% consensus for activation and is now expected on April 11.

XRP Ledger has also recorded growth in NFTs, with 6,492,852 minted so far, according to Bithomp Explorer data. In the face of growth, eyes are peeled for major updates and features set to arrive on XRP Ledger in the coming months.


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