XRP Community Disappointed About Its Performance, Flare CEO Weighs In

As a long-term supporter of XRP and a passionate community representative, Yassin Mobarak is sure that the situation with XRPL was not so dramatic even amid the Ripple v. SEC legal drama. Flare’s (FLR) founder Hugo Philion indicated tech solutions that may be helpful.

XRP Ledger criticized by community enthusiast: Here’s why

Yassin Mobarak, XRP enthusiast and investor, stated that he has never seen so many in the XRP/Ripple community so deflated, so frustrated and angry. His alarming statement was shared in X today, Jan. 22, 2024. Also, he found hopelessness in the tweets of many of his peers.

Having been in the #XRPCommunity for a very long time, I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many in the community so deflated, so frustrated and angry; hopelessness permeating through many posts.

This is actually worse than the time we were in the midst of fighting the SEC…

— Yassin Mobarak 🪝 (@Dizer_YM) January 21, 2024

The situation in the community looks worse for Mobarak even compared to periods of fighting the SEC lawsuit. As covered by U.Today previously, the U.S. court has dismissed the majority of accusations against Ripple and its key officers.

Most of all, he is disappointed by the apathetic performance of XRP amid other altcoins rallying post-ETF approval in the U.S.:

That vision of a promised land is now getting crushed by the reality of $XRP impotence; and by the wave that is carrying other alts while leaving $XRP behind slowly drowning.

Hugo Philion, CEO and founder of Flare (FLR), a Ripple-backed EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain, is certain that this status quo can only be changed by the introduction of XRPL’s programmability:

XRP will be in the conversation when people can build with it.

This, in turn, can be accomplished by Flare, Hooks and sidechain activation on top of XRP Ledger.

XRP or MYRO? Solana meme coins fan have answer

Philion and his followers agreed that there was too much “hopium” and focus on community excitement in XRP Ledger previously.

Meanwhile, supporters of other narratives never miss a chance to highlight the benefits of their products. Pseudonymous enthusiast of Solana (SOL) meme coin Myro (MYRO) opined that in the midterm, meme coins might be more beneficial than holding XRP.

Why would anyone hold a huge bag of XRP right now is insane to me. You can literally 10X on a $SOL chain token like $MYRO and then come back and buy as much XRP as you want later.

— RedwoodCrypto🌲 (@RedwoodCrypto) January 22, 2024

Yassin Mobarak answered that the MYRO thesis “makes sense” for him.

XRP is changing hands at $0.53; the token lost 3.5% of its value overnight.


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