Worldcoin Presses Forward With New ‘Friendly’ Orb Design Amid Global Scrutiny

Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project known for its unique Orb device, is unveiling an upgraded, more user-friendly version. CEO and co-founder of Tools for Humanity, Alex Blania, announced the new Orb design exclusively to TechCrunch.

He explained that the next iterations of the Orb are set to roll out this year with alternative colors and form factors, aiming for an appearance more akin to an Apple product.

Worldcoin Orb Glow Up

This move comes as a strategic response to make the device appear “much more friendly” and less intimidating.

This transformation of the Orb is part of Worldcoin’s broader effort to create a global identity and financial network. The company, co-founded by Blania, Sam Altman, and Max Novendstern, has already raised about $250 million from investors.

Despite its innovative technology, which scans individuals’ irises to create a unique World ID, the startup has faced its share of skepticism and controversy. Blania humorously noted that the Orb’s design has received polarized reactions in the US.

Updated Worldcoin Orb iris scanner prototype. Source: Tools for Humanity

“[People] either hate it, or they love it.”

Worldcoin’s rise also largely stems from rewarding users with WLD cryptocurrency for undergoing an iris scan. Reports state that a reward of 25 WLD is being offered for each person who scans.

At a current price of $2.31, this equates to a total of around $58.

Worldcoin (WLD) price chart all time. Source: BeInCrypto

Expansions and Roadblocks

In the international arena, Worldcoin’s approach has drawn scrutiny, particularly regarding privacy and data handling. The Kenyan government recently ordered the company to halt new user registrations due to data privacy concerns.

The Communications Authority of Kenya raised issues about biometric data storage and the exchange of data for money. In response, Worldcoin has pledged to implement crowd-control measures and work collaboratively with the government to adhere to local regulations.

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Despite these challenges, Worldcoin continues its global expansion. Recently, the company launched its services in Singapore, promoting the Orb as a method for citizens to verify their unique identity. The statement regarding the launch declared:

“Individuals in Singapore can now verify their unique humanness at an Orb in the latest sign of growing global interest in proof of personhood and the Worldcoin project.”

This is part of Worldcoin’s strategy to create a global network that establishes universal access to the economy, regardless of the user’s country or background. This expansion aligns with their vision of racing towards billions of users as swiftly as possible.

The new Orb design and global expansion highlight Worldcoin’s determination to navigate through the complexities of privacy concerns and regulatory scrutiny. All in all, with its updated Orb, Worldcoin aims to balance innovation with user-friendliness, striving to establish a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.


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