Ukraine’s anti-corruption head candidate appears to be altcoin bagholder

A candidate for the head of Ukraine’s anti-corruption agency appears to be DOGE and LUNC holder, according to an official declaration.

Kateryna Kapliuk, a former journalist at Ukrainska Pravda and current candidate for the head of Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), disclosed in her declaration she had acquired over 30 altcoins during her tenure at the agency.

According to the document, Kapliuk, who joined NACP in 2020 as an advisor to NAPC Chairman Alexander Novikov, was buying multiple cryptocurrencies until mid-2022, with a total sum of 127,165 UAH (approximately $4,778).

While it remains uncertain if Kapliuk still holds mentioned in the document cryptocurrencies, the declaration indicates purchases of over 19.3 million SHIB tokens, more than 39.7 billion DOGE tokens, and slightly over 0.01 BTC, among other altcoins like DASH, ZEN and BTT, were made in 2021 only. Except for 0.007 BTC, all the tokens were held on Binance, as per the declaration. Kapliuk has not made any public statements on the matter as of press time.

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In early December 2023, crypto.news reported that NACP seized crypto assets worth $1.5 million from Yury Shchigol, ex-chief of the Special Communications Service. Shchigol, along with his deputy Victor Zhor, was accused of misappropriating approximately $1.8 million in government funds.

The pair’s alleged scheme involved the Special Communications Service — responsible for inter-governmental communications —overpaying for software and services from two unnamed firms. The assets seized from Shchigol included 6.9 BTC, $1.2 million in USDT and 331 TRX. Zhor has also been arrested.

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