Trust Wallet Unveils Pooled ETH Staking to Open Access for Smaller Holders

Key Takeaways

  • Trust Wallet has launched a new Pooled ETH Staking feature that enables more users to participate in Ethereum staking and earn rewards.
  • By partnering with Kiln, Trust Wallet can pool together assets from multiple users to meet the required 32 ETH minimum balance to run a validator node.
  • Key benefits include higher rewards, lower fees, enhanced security, and easy in-app access to staking, making it more equitable and accessible.
  • Removing the high 32 ETH requirement aims to incentivize Trust Wallet’s large user base to adopt ETH staking, further decentralizing and strengthening the Ethereum network.

Trust Wallet, a popular crypto wallet app boasting over 10 million users, has launched a revolutionary new “ETH Pooled Staking” service that finally allows everyday crypto investors to participate in staking Ethereum (ETH) and earn lucrative annual rewards in the range of 4% without needing to meet the prohibitively high normal minimum balance of 32 ETH.

By entering a groundbreaking partnership with leading staking provider Kiln, Trust Wallet can now pool together assets from multiple users to jointly validate transactions on the Ethereum network as a single validator node, overcoming the high technical barrier that has until now locked out individuals with less than 32 ETH from earning income through staking.

Benefit of Trust Wallet Pooled ETH to Users

This innovation makes it possible for nearly anyone to earn passive rewards on their ETH holdings through staking, a major win for accessibility and inclusiveness in the Ethereum ecosystem. No longer just an option for whales, ETH staking’s many benefits—chiefly, earning high-yield annualized returns simply for holding coins—are now open to all Trust Wallet users.

Beyond expanding access, ETH Pooled Staking also bolsters security by supporting validator nodes that keep Ethereum decentralized and robust. According to Trust Wallet’s Product Lead, Nate Zou, this development signifies their “dedication to providing our users with a more equitable and profitable staking option” that promotes a “more diverse and equitable crypto ecosystem.”

The staking feature is directly built into the Trust Wallet app for maximum ease of use, allowing users to get started securing the Ethereum network and earning rewards with just a few taps. It complements Trust Wallet’s existing suite of tools like crypto and NFT support, dapp browsing, and their new scammer-detection scanner.

By removing the traditionally high 32 ETH minimum balance requirement for staking, Trust Wallet hopes to see its broad user base flock to ETH pooled staking in droves, further decentralising Ethereum in the process. More individual holders staking their ETH also unlocks greater profit potential.


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