STASIS and Stellar Join Forces to Bring EURS Stablecoin to the Masses

  • STASIS has integrated EURS with the Stellar blockchain, making euro stablecoins more accessible and reliable in crypto.
  • EURS is a regulated and stable digital euro backed by over 6 billion euros, now available on Stellar for low-cost, fast transactions.

In a blog post, STASIS, a pioneer in euro-backed stablecoin issuance, has announced its integration with EURS, its trusted stablecoin, with the Stellar blockchain. This strategic integration not only bolsters the accessibility of euro-denominated stablecoins but also exemplifies STASIS’ commitment to multi-chain development and financial innovation.

⚙️🔧📈 The progress wheel never stops with the #STASIS team!

🌍 We continue to expand the #EURS Network globally thanks to our supportive communities!

🔗 @StellarOrg DLT is the latest addition to our growing list of #blockchains. We welcome ecosystem projects to build with us!…

— STASIS/EURS (@stasisnet) January 23, 2024

STASIS has achieved a milestone by bridging the gap between the traditional financial world and the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. With EURS as a cornerstone, the company has carved a reputation as a leader in the euro stablecoin segment, offering users reliability and stability amidst the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The Stellar network’s distinction lies in its ability to facilitate fast, low-cost, and efficient payments. Its decentralized protocol connects individuals, institutions, and payment systems worldwide, addressing one of the core challenges faced by cryptocurrency users: volatility.

The Birth of EURS on Stellar

The introduction of STASIS EURO, or EURS, to the Stellar network is a response to the growing need for a dependable, market-tested, and transparent euro stablecoin. EURS, which has firmly established itself over five years, serves a wide range of users across 175 countries, including businesses, traders, and merchants. Its trusted qualities have garnered the support of international partners, making it a prominent choice in the stablecoin market.

STASIS’ integration with Stellar expands EURS’ user base and extends the benefits to the Stellar ecosystem. Stellar’s focus on quick transaction processing, low fees, and scalability aligns perfectly with STASIS’ mission to provide a stable and accessible digital version of the euro.

Stablecoins play a crucial role in bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrencies. The Stellar network, designed for seamless payments, welcomes EURS as one of the largest euro stablecoins. This integration marks a significant milestone, empowering builders on the network with expanded options, accelerating innovation, and fostering greater accessibility in finance.

STASIS EURO, or EURS, is a compliant and regulated euro stablecoin, boasting over 6 billion euros transferred on-chain across multiple major blockchains. One of EURS’ key strengths lies in its complete backing, with reserves held securely at the Lithuanian Central Bank.

Global Accessibility and Affordability

Businesses and developers can now leverage EURS on the Stellar network for global transactions. The digital euro currency offers 24/7 accessibility, with low-cost and near-instant transactions, aligning perfectly with Stellar’s efficiency.

The collaboration between STASIS and the Stellar network enhances EURS’ functionality and introduces it to a broader crypto community. This expansion signifies a commitment to promoting transparency and inclusivity in financial services within the Web3 ecosystem.

STASIS, a European fintech firm, focuses on developing user-friendly instruments for managing digital currencies and public blockchains. EURS, its flagship stablecoin, is accessible in 175 countries and is audited by BDO, a globally renowned auditor.

The EURS Network represents a comprehensive ecosystem uniting regulated digital asset players and empowering users with digital tools to manage stablecoins. This interconnected network is a hub for streamlining 24/7 crypto-fiat exchanges, further enhancing EURS’ usability.

The Stellar network remains decentralized, fast, scalable, and uniquely sustainable. It is optimized for payments, focusing on keeping fees low and offering transaction speeds that scale with increased adoption. Financial institutions and innovators leverage the Stellar network for asset issuance and payment settlement.


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