Solana Shooter ‘Nyan Heroes’ Reveals NYN Airdrop Plans

Just days after launching on the Epic Games Store, Solana-based hero shooter Nyan Heroes has revealed plans to launch a “play-to-airdrop” campaign around its early access game release, giving players the ability to earn token rewards as the game rolls out.

Nyan Heroes plans to launch an early access playtest in February amid an airdrop campaign that will reward players with NYN, the game’s native ecosystem token. The early access test will be released as a free-to-play PC game and apparently earn from—although owners of Nyan Heroes NFTs will be eligible for “additional airdrop rewards,” per a post.

Developer 9 Lives Interactive said that it will also hold various launch activities in the coming weeks that include Genesis NFT rewards, potentially providing a larger base of users with additional airdrop benefits as they play.

NYN is described as the Solana game’s governance token, as well as the “ecosystem token for value accrual through the distribution of our marketplace fees, mint fees and studio revenue buybacks.” It’s said to have a fixed supply, enabling a deflationary model thanks to planned token buybacks over time.

🎉 #NyanHeroes Play-to-Airdrop ’24 Announcement 🎉

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details here:

— Nyan Heroes (@nyanheroes) January 15, 2024

The overall play-to-airdrop campaign is set to stretch into March between early access playtests and other related activities.

Nyan Heroes is a hero shooter that could be compared to Blizzard’s hit online game Overwatch, albeit with cat characters piloting giant mech suits. It was previously described as a battle royale shooter, akin to Fortnite and Apex Legends, but appears to have shifted gears during development.

Unfortunately, the growing hype over the impending airdrop may have helped fuel an attack on the game’s Discord server late Monday.

A hacker apparently took control of the server and spread malicious links that could steal NFT and other assets from wallets that users connected to them. 9 Lives Interactive said that users who lost Nyan Heroes NFTs will be made whole using the team’s own reserves, pending on-chain verification of previous ownership.

The warrior mech ALWAYS has the high ground

— Nyan Heroes (@nyanheroes) August 23, 2023

“We have found that this was likely a carefully planned attack, knowing that we have a number of big catalysts coming up on our roadmap,” Nyan Heroes founder Max Fu wrote in a Discord announcement post late Monday.

“We have spent the last few hours in a war room internally with an external security auditor to ensure that our own organization files/data etc has not been breached,” he added. “We are pleased to say that there were no breaches on the studio side, and everything appears to be confined to Discord via a single compromised Discord account.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.


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