Shiba Inu: Shibarium Validator Welcomes Numerous Promising Projects

Popular Shibarium validator NOWNodes has welcomed new projects being built on the network, pledging to support their journey.

As the Shibarium network continues to gain traction, one validator has extended open arms and pledged to provide relevant guidance for upcoming projects. NOWNodes was one of the earliest blockchain infrastructure providers to enable Shibarium support.

In its most recent update, NOWNodes showed that it was doubling down on Shibarium. The validator acknowledged that more and more projects are pivoting to Shibarium, with new token launches also anticipated.

NowNodes has decided to provide guidance for these new projects, including steps on how to query ERC-20 balances on Shibarium.

The validator’s most recent guide also includes processes that projects must complete when integrating Shibarium-based tokens into applications and exchanges. This trend could accelerate if Shibarium adoption continues on its upward trajectory.

As more and more @ShibariumNet integrations are coming and being confirmed, and numerous promising tokens arrive to the ecosystem, we deliver new guide 🐶

This time we review Shibarium tokens and how to integrate them via applications and exchanges!

Build #NOW 👇…

— NOWNodes ⛓️ (@NOWNodes) February 9, 2024

As previously covered by The Crypto Basic, exchanges such as are already adding support for Shibarium-based assets. The presence of concise educational material is a huge boost for developers and could play a role in driving adoption, especially for a newly launched network like Shibarium.

Need for Stablecoin on Shibarium

It is noteworthy that NowNodes’ latest piece also highlights the growing need for a stablecoin on the Shibarium network. According to the validator, such a stablecoin launch would be a game-changer for the blockchain.

Even without a recognizable stablecoin, TVL on the Shibarium network has risen as high as $1 million. Evidently, the addition of a stablecoin would spur greater adoption as investors would now have the means to hedge volatility while interacting with the blockchain. The launch of stablecoins played a similar role in boosting the Cardano network’s DeFi ecosystem.


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