Robert Kiyosaki reveals 3 better investments than real estate in 2024

Amid his continuous warnings of a potential large-scale financial crash, the renowned investor and author of the best-selling personal finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki has listed three investments that he believes will be better than real estate.

Specifically, as Kiyosaki was announcing his participation at the Vancouver Resources Investor Conference (VRIC) that took place on January 20 and 21, he said that gold, silver, and Bitcoin (BTC) would be “hotter than technology or real estate from 2024 on,” in his X post on January 15.

There many different reasons why some people are rich, many middle class, and most people are poor and will die poor. One big reason is what a person does in their spare time….essentially since most of us have more spare time than working time. Many of my friends will be…

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) January 15, 2024

Why some rich are getting richer

According to the investor, there were “many different reasons why some people are rich, many middle class, and most people are poor and will die poor,” and the one major reason was “what a person does in their spare time,” which the finance educator believes they should spend “getting richer.”

As per his own advice, Kiyosaki said he would be spending his spare time attending the Vancouver conference, where he would be “looking for the best startups in gold and silver mining,” while many of his friends would be “playing golf in Arizona” or “skiing in Aspen.”

As he concluded, the rich spending their spare time getting richer was “one reason why the gaps between the rich, middle class, and poor grow wider,” telling his followers that he wanted them to be wealthy, as well as voicing the prediction that after the conference:

“Gold , silver, & Bitcoin, will be hotter than Tecnology or real estate from 2024 on.”

Meanwhile, some of the ‘Rich Dad’ author’s predictions for commodities have proven correct in 2023, including about the flagship decentralized finance (DeFi) asset Bitcoin, as well as precious metals gold and silver, which he sees as the best defense against a possible collapse, as Finbold reported in December.

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.


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