Ripple’s Ex-Chief Engineer Unveils Secrets Against XRP Thefts

In a notable development, Chris Larsen, cofounder of Ripple, experienced an unauthorized access incident involving his personal XRP account. Taking immediate action, Larsen ensured the swift notification of exchanges and law enforcement. Dispelling initial rumors, he emphasized the isolated nature of the event, reiterating the historically secure status of Ripple wallets.

The occurrence prompted a measured response within the crypto community, with Nik Bougalis, former director of engineering at Ripple, offering pragmatic insights into the security challenges facing cryptocurrency holders. Bougalis highlighted the critical importance of key management and security, underscoring the limitations of existing tools in addressing these complexities effectively.

Native multisigning support allows you to configure an account so as to require a set of several signatures on transactions—for example, 3-of-5 would require 3 valid signatures from a set of 5 possible signers.

Details on multisigning on the XRPL:

— 𝙽 𝙸 𝙺 𝙱 (@nbougalis) January 31, 2024

In a noteworthy revelation, Bougalis suggested that Larsen’s situation could have been mitigated through the implementation of multisigning or a custody service. Multisigning, as a security feature requiring multiple signatures for transactions, was emphasized as an additional layer of protection. While not infallible, it significantly elevates the security threshold against potential thefts, according to Bougalis.

Currently collaborating with law enforcement, Larsen has been apprised that a substantial portion of the compromised funds of about 213 million XRP, equivalent to $112.5 million, has been frozen.

This incident underscores the persistent challenges in the cryptocurrency space, prompting industry experts like Bougalis to advocate for enhanced security measures. As the industry grapples with such security vulnerabilities, this incident serves as a sobering reminder of the ever-present threats on the crypto landscape, prompting holders to prioritize and implement robust security measures to safeguard their digital assets.


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