Relentless Whale Withdraws Another 7 Million Dollars From This Altcoin Despite Being at a Huge Loss – Here are the Whale’s Movements

The largest Ethena (ENA) staker wallet attracted a staggering $6.95 million, equivalent to $7.99 million, from Binance for staking purposes. This withdrawal was made at a price of approximately $1.15, although the staker suffered significant losses.

Over the last four days, the same whale has withdrawn a total of 18.12 million ENA from Binance at a price of approximately $1.32, bringing its total assets to $23.9 million.

However, there are some concerns in the cryptocurrency market regarding the risks of the ENA token, as it is similar to the mechanism of LUNA.

In another significant move in the cryptocurrency market, the whale with short wallet address 0xa14 withdrew 394.63 billion PEPE worth $2.14 million from Binance at a price of $0.000005433. This withdrawal marks the whale’s fourth PEPE trade.

Currently, the whale is holding 686.21 billion PEPE worth $3.73 million and its estimated total loss from this transaction is $538 thousand, a drop of 6.94%. However, it is worth noting that the whale earned an estimated cumulative profit of $999K, a gain of 39.6% from the previous three PEPE trading cycles.

In another notable whale incident, mining wallet bc1qv, which had been dormant for nearly 14 years, woke up and deposited 50 Bitcoins, equivalent to $3.28 million, to Coinbase at a price of $65,600. It is noted as an interesting development that the miner earned 50 BTC from mining on April 23, 2010 and has kept this money until today.

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