OKX Integrates Kusama’s KSM Token into On-Chain Earn Product

OKX, the premier cryptocurrency exchange and leading Web3 technology company, announces its latest updates on April 3, 2024. At this time, the company revealed that OKX has integrated Kusama’s KSM token into its On-Chain Earn product. On April 3, 2024, 11:00 a.m., OKX users get a simple means to earn their on-chain rewards.

OKX Introduces Key Features to On-Chain Earn for Enhanced User Experience

There are some key features of On-Chain Earn such as no subscription caps, simpler operational processes for a real user experience, and authentic on-chain annualized earnings. Users who want to stake KSM on On-Chain Earn must follow a few simple steps. They can do this using web browsers and the OKX app. First, users must access the Grow tab in the web browser to Earn and then On-chain Earn and search for KSM and subscribe.

Similarly, they should access the Grow tab in the app to Earn, then On-chain Earn and look for KSM to subscribe. OKX attempts to protect its users by working with approved third-party projects in all respects. With the integration of KSM into On-Chain Earn, OKX has introduced a unique feature that allows users the opportunity to optimize the worth of money.

As the top global cryptocurrency exchange and the pioneering Web3 firm, OKX has a proven track record of trust built on virtually 50,000,000 users. By adding more to this, OKX is one of the quickest and most dependable crypto platforms globally.

OKX Continues to Drive Web3 and Cryptocurrency Adoption

Moreover, it has agreed to deals with several of the most successful firms across the globe. They have undertaken collective initiatives to help improve the fan experience. They also offer fans interesting new involvement avenues in the crypto area. In addition to this, OKX is the sponsor of the Tribeca Festival, a leading independent entertainment corporation.

These collaborations seek to improve the performance of builders by rewarding them in the Web3 sector. The addition of Kusama’s KSM token to OKX’s On-Chain Earn product represents a large step ahead in providing customers with even more earning prospects.

The integration of KSM demonstrates OKX’s commitment to expanding its service by addressing the ever-changing demands of their customers. Since its establishment, OKX has been significant in stimulating Web3 and cryptocurrency adoption.


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