Male founders in crypto outnumber their female counterparts by nearly ninefold, Hacken reveals

Among 80 tech startups analyzed, there is a ‘glaring gender imbalance,’ especially visible in the number of female founders, analysts at Hacken say.

In a recent research study done by Hacken covering 80 crypto and tech startups, a noticeable gender imbalance has been identified, particularly evident in the number of female founders and C-level executives. The findings reveal that out of the entire list, only 10 startups have at least one female founder.

“There is a clear gender imbalance in the startup data, with male founders and C-level executives
outnumbering their female counterparts nearly 9:1 in most startups.” Hacken

Additionally, within the Twitter crypto-influencer sphere, among the top 100 influencers, a mere five are women, analysts noted, adding that among 1,000 op-eds, interviews, and articles across top media resources, there were “867 mentions of male experts compared to 127 mentions of female experts.”

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Hacken pointed out that multi-founder startups “clearly predominate” these days, suggesting “entrepreneurs in this space often team up with others to bring their ideas to life.”

“Although there is a low number of women in these start-ups at both the founding and C-level, the
existence of some presents an opportunity for greater inclusivity in the future.”


In a related study conducted by crypto.news in late 2023, it was revealed that while men account for approximately 70% of crypto ownership, the level of female engagement in the crypto space varies globally. Countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, India, and the U.S. have witnessed notable increases in female involvement. However, despite this positive trend in ownership, it masks the persistent gender disparities prevalent in the industry’s leadership positions.

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