KuCoin Lists Ondo (ONDO), Bridging TradFi and DeFi Sectors

KuCoin, a well-established centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has officially announced its support for Ondo (ONDO), a cryptocurrency project combining traditional and decentralized finance elements on public blockchains. Through an official blog post and communication on its X handle, KuCoin revealed its intentions to include Ondo’s native token, ONDO, in its list of supported assets.

💥World Premiere💥

📢 New Listing@OndoFinance $ONDO Gets Listed on #KuCoin!

💎Deposit: now open (network: ERC20)
💎Trading: 12:00 on January 18, 2024 (UTC)

— KuCoin (@kucoincom) January 18, 2024

In the notification, KuCoin expressed pride in supporting the ONDO token on its spot trading service. According to the announcement, the door for deposits of ONDO tokens has been opened for the supported network Ethereum ERC20.

Significantly, the official trading for ONDO is set to commence on Thursday, January 18. The designated trading pair for ONDO will be the Tether USD (USDT) stablecoin. Users will have the ability to withdraw their ONDO starting the next day, Friday, January 19.

For the uninitiated, Ondo is dedicated to transforming the financial landscape by converging traditional and decentralized finance on public blockchains. The DAO aims to democratize access to institutional-grade financial products and services. This ensures their availability to individuals worldwide, irrespective of their geographic or socioeconomic background.

As a frontrunner in the Real World Asset (RWA) sector, Ondo actively supports the tokenization of traditional financial assets by stewardship of protocols like Flux Finance, enhancing on-chain utility for RWAs. ONDO serves as the governance token for the Ondo DAO. The Ondo ecosystem includes key entities such as Ondo Finance, the Ondo Foundation, and Flux Finance.

Before KuCoin extended support for ONDO’s token, the exchange had similarly listed MANTA, a modular blockchain focused on zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Also, it has listed Soul Society’s token HON, which is leading the charge in crafting a Web3 Social ID.

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