JUST IN: Popular Binance-Listed Altcoin Announces Partnership Agreement with Alibaba Cloud

According to the statement made by the official X account, Sui (SUI) has established a partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

In an important development, Mysten Labs, the company behind the Sui (SUI) altcoin project, announced that it has established an advanced partnership with Alibaba Cloud. According to the official statement, the partnership aims to launch a number of new services to support both existing and new developers on the Sui network.

New services include an AI-powered development environment, university training programs, community events, and translation of Move documents into Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

The developers explained the details of the partnership in their announcement as follows:

“Mysten Labs and ChainIDE are co-developing an AI-powered tool that will generate Move code based on natural language commands from developers. This tool, which will be supported by Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure and technical support, aims to increase the productivity of experienced developers and help new Move developers learn the language and discover its potential.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud, with the help of Mysten Labs, will support project entrepreneurs with cloud infrastructure and demo day events in strategic locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. “As a last but important step, Alibaba Cloud will support Sui infrastructure by providing full node services on Sui, demonstrating its commitment to the long-term success of the Sui network.”

*This is not investment advice.


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