iPhone Users Beware, Vulnerability Detected: Even If You Don’t Click on Any Links, Your Assets Could Be at Risk! Here is the Solution

According to a post shared on the official wallet application of the cryptocurrency wallet application Trust Wallet, a new security vulnerability has been detected in the iMessage application and the cryptocurrency assets of iOS users may be at great risk.

Trust Wallet said in its official statement:

“Warning for iOS users: We have credible information about a high-risk zero-day vulnerability on the Dark Web targeting the iMessage app.

With this, attackers can infiltrate your iPhone even if you do not click on any links. They are likely to be targets of high importance. Each use increases the risk of detection.

Recommended action to protect from this iMessage vulnerability; Disable iMessages as soon as possible until Apple fixes this.

Ayarlar -> Mesajlar -> iMessage’ı kapatın. Apple bir güvenlik güncellemesi yayınlayana kadar bu önlemi almaya devam edin.”

*This is not investment advice.


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