Intelligence Platform Says XRP Now Has Best Chance of Bouncing Back

Renowned market intelligence platform Santiment has contended that key indicators suggest XRP holds the most promising potential for a rebound.

In a recent update on X, Santiment provided detailed insights into the current dynamics of the XRP market, leveraging on-chain data analysis.

Santiment first pointed out the potential for XRP to drop below the psychological $0.5 price point, marking its first instance of dipping below that threshold since October 2023.

However, this forecast has since materialized. Data from market tracking resources suggest that XRP now has a prevailing market value of $0.4901.

Indicators Suggesting XRP Set for Rebound

Meanwhile, Santiment disclosed that yesterday, January 31, the XRP network witnessed a renewed peak in XRP whale transactions. Specifically, these are transactions of monetary values above $1 million.

According to the intelligence platform, yesterday’s record marked the first instance of such a significant increase in XRP whale transactions in the last seven months.

In particular, whale transactions of above $1 million peaked on July 13 and 14, 2023. This remarkably coincided with the U.S. federal court’s judgment that XRP is not a security.

Now, the trend has reemerged, with 217 separate XRP transactions exceeding $1 million observed on Wednesday.

XRP Market | Santiment

Furthermore, Santiment’s researchers emphasized that they have detected no panic actions originating from XRP whales.

Additionally, they noted that as of yesterday, wallets containing a minimum of 10 million XRP collectively held 67.2% of the available supply. Emphatically, this figure represents the highest percentage since December 31, 2022.

As a result, Santiment asserted that several key signals suggest XRP, the sixth-largest market cap asset, stands out as one of the stronger candidates for a rebound.

However, it stated that XRP’s rebound is contingent upon Bitcoin (BTC) stabilizing throughout the remainder of the week.

December 31, 2022. There are some key signals indicating that the #6 market cap asset is one of the better candidates for a bounce, assuming #Bitcoin can stabilize the rest of the week.

Link to $XRP chart:

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) January 31, 2024

Significantly, Bitcoin’s price has exhibited notable volatility recently. It has experienced a sudden decline from a peak of $43,720 in the last 24 hours to $41,890. This trajectory has had repercussions on the overall crypto market, including XRP.


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