Injective Unveils INJ 3.0: Explore the Ultimate Tokenomics Overhaul

  • INJ 3.0 introduces radical tokenomics overhaul for Injective’s native token.
  • Proposal aims to make INJ the most deflationary asset, emulating Bitcoin’s scarcity.
  • Timeline set for forum discussion, voting, and mainnet implementation.

Injective, a leading blockchain for finance, announces INJ 3.0, a groundbreaking upgrade aimed at revolutionizing tokenomics. Since its inception, Injective has surged as a premier blockchain for financial services, fueled by its native token, INJ.

With INJ serving various functions within Injective, including governance and staking, its importance cannot be overstated. Notably, Injective has continually reduced the supply of INJ through token burn auctions, with nearly 5.9 million INJ burned to date.

INJ 3.0 is coming to Injective to bring the ultimate upgrade to Injective tokenomics, making $INJ the most deflationary asset to date.

The new proposal would directly reduce the supply of INJ at a rapid rate. The gov discussion is now live on the Injective forum.

— Injective 🥷 (@injective) April 15, 2024

The upcoming INJ 3.0 proposes a monumental shift in Injective’s tokenomics, aiming to make INJ the most deflationary asset in the crypto space. This entails reducing on-chain parameters to curtail INJ minting, enhancing its scarcity and value proposition. Drawing inspiration from Bitcoin’s sound money principles, this proposal seeks to emulate its disinflationary nature, setting an accelerated timeline for supply reduction.

The proposal outlines specific adjustments to inflation rate bounds and responsiveness to staking activity, designed to optimize tokenomics and ensure future sustainability. By emulating Bitcoin’s scarcity, INJ aims to attract investors and foster a resilient ecosystem. Additionally, enhanced emissions responsiveness ensures real-time adjustments to maintain equilibrium and security.

The journey towards INJ 3.0 commences with a governance forum discussion, followed by voting and implementation on the mainnet. With INJ 3.0, Injective embarks on a transformative journey towards creating the most robust deflationary asset, aligned with its long-term vision of fostering a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem.

$INJ 3.0 Timeline

April 15: Gov forum discussion started
April 19: Gov proposal voting begins
April 22: Final governance result
April 23: INJ 3.0 is implemented on mainnet if the proposal is passed

— Injective 🥷 (@injective) April 15, 2024

In detail, April 15, 19, 22, and 23 stand out as prime dates for this transition as explained in the post above. Through INJ 3.0, Injective paves the way for a new era of tokenomics, marking a significant milestone in its evolution as a leading blockchain platform.


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