Here Are The Reasons to Be Bullish on Cardano’s ADA: Crypto Influencer

A Cheeky Crypto YouTube channel host has highlighted various Cardano features that make him bullish on the blockchain and its native token, ADA. According to the host, Cardano’s numerous qualities differentiate it from competitors, especially its dependence on its academic sector.

The host noted in an uploaded video that Cardano’s design was built from the ground up, utilizing evidence-based methods grounded in scientific philosophy and academic theory. He explained that the Cardano team seeks to restore trust in the global autonomy system by integrating its technologies. He further noted that the platform introduces a more secure, transparent, and sustainable way to conduct business internationally.

Additionally, the host noted that Cardano developers seek to provide the world’s unbanked population with access to financial services. According to him, Cardano has kicked off projects in that direction in parts of Africa and other areas of the developing world. A notable example is the project’s partnership with World Mobile, which aims to connect more people to the web and create new economies.

From a blockchain industry perspective, the Cheeky Crypto host believes Cardano is playing a significant role in stabilizing the decentralized applications (DApps) sector. He noted that the platform focuses on security and scalability applied to DApps.

Speaking on Cardano’s functionality, the host noted that it is a third-generation cryptocurrency that intends to tackle some of the most common issues facing layer-one blockchains. According to him, Cardano’s approach to solving these issues is based on design principles and engineering best practices.

The host also noted that Cardano could only handle a few transactions per second in its early days. However, the project team introduced Hydra, a new scaling solution for the Cardano network. He described Hydra as a layer-two solution that utilizes state channels to process transactions off-chain.

According to the host, the Hydra implementation enables Cardano to process over one million transactions per second. The blockchain network also introduced standards enabling interoperability across networks.

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