$FLOKI joins Binance Pay, Expanding utility across global merchants and services

A whopping 12 million active users can use $FLOKI to pay merchants within the Binance app’s marketplace for services like booking flights, booking hotels, buying gift cards, and mobile top-ups. It is exciting to know that $FLOKI can be used to buy luxury cars at the LG Group in France, buy properties at Bin Faqeeh Bahrain, book hotels or flights at Travala, shop at e-commerce retailer Farfetch and leading French department stores, make payments at up to 5000 POS terminals in Bahrain, paying in supermarkets apart from paying at pharmacies.

Making instant, secure, and borderless payments has become a reality with the entry of platforms like Binance. Another smart feature of $FLOKI is that we can pay friends and family $FLOKI through Binance Pay. Binance is a centralized crypto platform where customers can buy cryptocurrencies, including FLOKI.

FLOKI is undoubtedly the people’s crypto, and it empowers the Valhalla NFT Metaverse, Floki Finance, and more. Being the utility token of the FLOKI ecosystem, FLOKI is powered by ETH(Ethereum) and BSC(Binance Smart Chain).

The eventful and illustrious journey of FLOKI from meme to dream was always inspiring and thrilling. FLOKI is one of the top meme coins with a market cap along with Dogecoin20, Hectic Turkey, Pikamoon, Sponge, and Smog. The strategic partnership with Binance Pay will help FLOKI to reap rich benefits, as Binance is one of the most prestigious crypto brands. Binance Pay is the key crypto payment service provider for Floki’s merch store, and both Binance and Floki will benefit from reliability, ease of use, and brand recognition.

Binance Pay is proud of its massive customer base of over 17 million users, and strategic partnerships with leading football brands made Floki a noted crypto brand. The partnership between FLOKI and Binance Pay is unquestioningly an august and exemplary initiative. It is estimated that FLOKI has over 420000 holders on the BNB and Ethereum blockchains. Crypto fans are happy that FLOKI is now usable on Binance Pay for payments across various merchants and services. The strategic partnership between FLOKI and Binance Pay aims to boost FLOKI adoption through a marketing tie-up with Binance Pay.

The strategic partnership between FLOKI and Binance Pay enhances FLOKI’s utility as a payment token. FLOKI is one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies of today, along with other assets like Bitcoin, Polygon, Shiba Inu, and Baby Dogecoin. Binance Pay was previously selected as the primary crypto payment solution for Floki’s new retail shop. The Binance Pay will notify millions of Binance App users about Floki’s retail shop promotion through push notifications.

The partnership with FLOKI will solidify Binance Pay’s position as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. The Binance app has been rated as the most decentralized cryptocurrency app. The unique partnership between FLOKI and Binance Pay is encircled by the beacon of innovation in the crypto space.


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