Experts See Solana Outperforming ETH by 500% this Season

The founders of prominent crypto analytics firm Glassnode have projected Solana outperforming Bitcon’s top contender, Ethereum (ETH), by 500%.

Jan Happel and Yann Allemann, the co-founders of Glassnode, operating under X account Negentropic, have argued the potential of the third largest altcoin Solana (SOL) to outperform Ethereum.

Happel and Allemann’s optimistic outlook on Solana reflected a recent interview featuring macroeconomist Henrik Zeberg and Global Macroinvestor CEO Raoul Pal, who discussed the potential for a remarkable rally in the SOL/ETH chart.

During the interview, the host directed a question to Raoul Pal and Henrik Zeberg, focusing on Ethereum and Solana in terms of risk-adjusted returns. Specifically, he inquired about their crypto preferences for a $10,000 investment over a 12-month period.

Examining Solana’s recent performance trend, Pal and Zeberg strongly believe that Solana exhibits significant momentum. They expressed confidence in Solana’s ability to maintain its upward trajectory, surpassing Ethereum, as illustrated by the SOL/ETH chart.

According to their assessment, Solana appears poised for continued success in the coming weeks, making it a favorable candidate for their $10,000 investment.

Solana Rallying 500% Over Ethereum

Following the bullish sentiments from the financial experts, the founders of Glassnode moved to answer the intriguing question of how much Solana could outperform Ethereum from an analytics perspective.

According to insights from Glassnode’s analytics, the current SOL/ETH ratio stands at around 0.14. The co-founders anticipate a significant increase in the ratio, suggesting that it could rise to approximately 0.76.

In particular, this chart projection implies a potential four to five-fold outperformance of Solana compared to Ethereum as the crypto market progresses in the bull season.

“In other words, SOL may outperform ETH by 4-5X into the Crypto top,” Negentropic remarked.

SOL ETH Chart | Negentropic

Meanwhile, Negentropic did not see an isolated rally for SOL as observed in the past weeks. The market experts see Ethereum itself experiencing a significant bullish rally.

Solana and Ethereum

At press time, Solana is trading at $98.55, reflecting a 4.7% decline over the past week. In parallel, Ethereum exchanges hands at $2,516, also experiencing a similar 4.7% decrease during the same timeframe.

Despite the recent weekly decline, Solana’s one-year trajectory remains notably robust at 340.43%, having surged from $20. In contrast, Ethereum’s one-year trajectory is comparatively lower at 59%, indicating growth from $1,515.


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