Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade Goes Live, But Fails to Finalize on Testnet

Ethereum’s much-awaited Dencun upgrade went live on the Goerli testnet earlier Wednesday but failed to finalize in the expected time.

The upgrade was pushed at 6:32 UTC, blockchain data shows, but did not reach consensus and was not finalized on the testnet. Developers expect the apparent issues to be fixed in the coming days. These likely occurred due to low participation and validators not upgrading parts of their software that would have helped with finalization.

Finality refers to irreversibility once a transaction has been confirmed and added to a block in a blockchain network. A testnet is a network that mimics real-world blockchains and is used to test applications and important upgrades before they can be pushed live on a mainnet.

Dencun’s implementation of Goerli is part of a three-phased approach to eventually enacting a new, less costly method of storing data on the main Ethereum blockchain.


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