Elon Musk’s Key Reality Statement Argued by John Lennon’s Son, Here’s What’s Important

The junior son of legendary Beatles co-founder, John Lennon, musician Sean Ono Lennon has taken to the X platform to share his view on the nature of consciousness and reality overall with his army of followers.

His take on these fundamental issues does not quite coincide with the popular statement of Elon Musk about reality being a computer simulation.

Defining consciousness using modern tech

Lennon stated that humanity has always defined consciousness based on the level of its technological development. The metaphors for consciousness he mentioned were ‘Stream of thought,’ ‘train of thought.’ Then followed joking descriptions, such as ‘I’m crashing’ and ‘I don’t have any bandwidth right now.’

In conclusion, Lennon cited the popular belief that is frequently discussed by the influential tech entrepreneur Elon Musk about reality being a computer simulation.

The way we describe consciousness is always contemporaneous with our technology.

‘Stream of thought.’

‘Train of thought.’

‘I’m crashing.’

‘I don’t have any bandwidth right now.’

All of this has now culminated in

‘Reality is a computer simulation.’

Really is it? Or are…

— Seán Ono Lennon (@seanonolennon) May 16, 2024

Lennon does not mention Elon Musk, however, he questions this metaphorical definition of reality, emphasizing that this sounds more like “describing the ultimate mystery with modern tech like we have been doing for centuries.”

The musician concludes his tweet saying that whoever claims that humanity lives in a computer simulation is likely just using “flashy modern words” and has no clue what they are talking about.


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