DWF Labs Invested heavily in this Altcoin, There was Movement in the Price! – “Rising to First Rank!”

DWF Labs, one of the important market makers in the cryptocurrency market and attracting attention with its investments, continues to purchase and invest in altcoins.

At this point, according to Spot on Chain’s post, DWF Labs recently invested in the altcoin named ID.

Accordingly, DWF Labs purchased 11.34 million IDs worth a total of $ 8.42 million.

“DWF Labs has withdrawn 11.34 million ID ($8.42 million) from Binance, Gateio and MEXC in the last 15 minutes at a price of ~$0.743.

ID now ranks first in the DWF Labs portfolio

After the news, ID price started to rise.

DWF Labs (@DWFLabs) withdrew 11.34M $ID ($8.42M) from #Binance, #Gateio, and #MEXC at ~$0.743 in the past 15 minutes.$ID now ranks first in DWF Labs’ portfolio.

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— Spot On Chain (@spotonchain) April 15, 2024

*This is not investment advice.


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