Crypto Influencer Says iNFTs Will Give Way to “Explosive Innovations”

Renowned cryptocurrency influencer Crypto Eri hinted at the potential of information non-fungible tokens (iNFTs) to boom as the digital asset space continues to expand.

In a tweet on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Crypto Eri stated that iNFTs “will be bigger than big.” She continued by saying the technology will solve real-world problems while giving way to “explosive innovations.”

Importantly, iNFTs is a term coined by former Ethereum advisor and renowned crypto founder Steven Nerayoff. In a recent post on X, Nerayoff described iNFTs “as a new way to share any type of information that can’t be censored, is stored on the blockchain & owned by the user.”

The founder, who also introduced concepts such as ICOs and utility tokens, announced the coming of his second iNFT. According to the X post, the upcoming iNFT will capture a “historical and crucial recording” between Nerayoff and several Ethereum co-founders in 2014.

“This phone call, arranged by Joseph Lubin & team, was pivotal to the early strategic decisions & direction behind Ethereum,” Nerayoff tweeted. Furthermore, the founder said the recording will cover how the Ethereum team navigated the blockchain’s legal landscape while minimizing liability.

In another tweet, the founder stated that the iNFT will be free for all. He continued by saying, “This is a conversation for all to remember,” while sharing a snippet of the recording.

Nerayoff, who was one of the early executive members of Ethereum, has also been one of its critics. The founder has repeatedly challenged the direction of the blockchain under the stewardship of founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. In addition, Nerayoff has also raised allegations of regulatory favoritism by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Ethereum.

Curiously, an X user asked if the recording contained evidence that would force the Department of Justice (DoJ), SEC, or Congress to investigate his previous allegations. In response, Nerayoff acknowledged the possibility of such investigative action. However, he downplayed the possibility, stating that Congress “has vast powers & corruption is a hot political topic now.”

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