Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Almost Disappear From Network, Here’s Reason Why

As the most recent data provided by Santiment suggests, Bitcoin whales are currently distancing themselves from the market, with their activity plummeting towards 2024’s lows. Unfortunately, it could be an indicator of an upcoming surge of selling pressure if BTC stays relatively neutral.

While Bitcoin’s 100+ BTC whale wallets continue to hold a high level of coins, totaling 11.79 million BTC, whale activity has dropped to its lowest level of 2024. There are currently 15,907 wallets holding at least 100 coins. Whenever the metric rises, we see a surge of renewed demand among whales, which should directly affect the performance of Bitcoin.

📊 With #crypto prices back on the rise, a good validation that this bounce may continue would be if #stablecoin marketcaps resume the growth they saw from mid-October to mid-April. During that stretch, the combined caps of $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $BUSD, $USDP, and $TUSD soared by…

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) May 16, 2024

Interestingly, the drop in whale activity could also be seen as a positive sign for the market. With fewer whales actively trading, the market might experience less volatility. When whales make large transactions, they can significantly impact the market, causing sudden price swings. Reduced activity among these large holders can lead to a more stable and predictable market environment, but it’s not why people trade and hold cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the lower whale activity might indicate that these large holders are content with their current positions and are not looking to liquidate their holdings. This could suggest a long-term bullish sentiment, as whales often have a better understanding of market dynamics and trends. Their decision to hold rather than sell might reflect their confidence in Bitcoin’s future price growth.

While the recent decline in Bitcoin whale activity to the lowest level of 2024 might initially seem concerning, it also offers some positive implications. Reduced market volatility and the potential for long-term holding among whales can provide a more stable environment for smaller investors.


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