As Countdown Begins for Bitcoin Halving, Experienced Analyst Comes with a Record BTC Prediction for 2025: “This Cycle is Very Different from Others!”

While the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and altcoins are facing sharp declines, investors are currently focused on the Bitcoin Halving, which has a very short time left.

Investors are asking one question regarding the Halving: “What will the Halving mean for the price of the cryptocurrency?” happened.

At this point, experienced cryptocurrency analyst Noelle Acheson, in her recent analysis, compared previous cycles in Bitcoin and argued that Bitcoin could rise to $ 450,000 next year after this halving.

Noelle Acheson pointed out that historically the Bitcoin price has increased after the previous three halvings and stated that it will experience a tremendous increase after this halving.

Although Acheson stated that the BTC price could reach $450,000 next year, he also warned investors about further declines, stating that there would be more “brutal” weeks in the future.

The analyst, who remains bullish on Bitcoin, also stated that “this cycle is clearly different” as Bitcoin reached a record for the first time before the halving.

Finally, Acheson pointed out that it took more than 500 days for the Bitcoin price to break a new record after the halving, and stated that it could take a shorter time in this cycle, but he added that this is not certain.

*This is not investment advice.


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