Alchemy Pay Boosts Global Crypto Adoption with Fiat-Crypto On-Ramp on Bitcoin.com

Alchemy Pay, a leading cryptocurrency company, has made progress by delivering fiat-crypto on-ramp payment services on Bitcoin.com. The goal is to optimize the conversion between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies for a global consumer base and offer more local payment solutions.

.@BitcoinCom has launched #AlchemyPay’s On-Ramp service for its users, enabling them to effortlessly purchase crypto using their chosen fiat payment methods on its website. In addition, @VerseEcosystem’s $VERSE is now available through our Fiat On-Ramp!https://t.co/TxIvAjFAdZ… pic.twitter.com/dzA1tjsHEL

— Alchemy Pay|$ACH: Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway (@AlchemyPay) January 18, 2024

Alchemy Pay and Bitcoin.com Collaborate to Streamline Currency-to-Crypto Transactions

Alchemy Pay’s direct-to-customer plugin lets web3 apps and platforms add payment services without disturbance. Bitcoin.com users may now easily buy VERSE, its rewards and utility token, and other cryptocurrencies. This integration enhances platform performance and boosts Bitcoin.com’s user base.

Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis expressed his excitement about leading in user-focused solutions. He stressed the importance of Alchemy Pay’s integration in enabling seamless currency-to-cryptocurrency conversion, especially for Asian and Latin American consumers. Jarvis stressed the importance of the connection as the 2024 Bitcoin halving approaches and the commitment to meeting community needs.

The collaboration uses Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway to process Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Diners Club transactions in 173 countries. This comprehensive solution includes domestic transfer help and mobile wallet integration in growing regions.

Alchemy Pay’s 300+ fiat payment channels make it stand out. Due to their diverse payment options, Alchemy Pay’s checkouts can accept many local mobile wallets and bypass card limits. Its global consumer strategy shows the platform’s commitment to accessibility and usability.

Since 2017, Singapore-based Alchemy Pay has offered On and Off-Ramp, NFT Checkout, and white label Crypto Cards for multiple platforms. Alchemy Pay’s cooperation with Bitcoin.com is important given Bitcoin.com’s global leadership since 2015.

Alchemy Pay and Bitcoin.com Prioritize User Experience and Inclusivity

Alchemy Pay Ecosystem Lead Robert McCracken was excited to work with Bitcoin.com, a major leader in the industry. Both parties want to make cryptocurrencies more accessible worldwide, and their cooperation should help this happen.

With its adaptable digital wallet program, Bitcoin.com has helped beginners learn about cryptocurrency since 2015. The platform lets users buy, sell, exchange, earn, and learn about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Millions of people use the self-custodial digital wallet app, which provides all the capabilities needed for digital currency economic sovereignty.

The crypto community is excited to see how Alchemy Pay and Bitcoin.com’s partnership will affect user experiences and the crypto sector. The collaborations show a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and meeting crypto enthusiasts’ needs worldwide. Alchemy Pay’s integration into Bitcoin.com could improve cryptocurrency transactions and make them more inclusive.


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