74 Million Dollar Giant Corporate Whale Started Profit Sales! Transferred These Four Altcoins to Coinbase!

While institutional investors continue to direct the market with their transactions, venture capital company Spartan Group, one of the important investors, transferred $ 5 million in altcoins to Coinbase.

According to Arkham data, the address identified as Spartan Group transferred four altcoins worth over $5 million to Coinbase, including GAL, C98, 1inch and MPL.

Venture capital firm Spartan Group (0x0D…774D) transferred four cryptocurrencies worth more than $5 million to Coinbase, including GAL, C98, 1inch, and MPL. Spartan Group currently holds more than $71 million in various crypto assets.

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) May 17, 2024

According to Arkham data, Spartan Group, which currently has a cryptocurrency portfolio of $74 million, has made its largest investment in the token called BEAM.

Accordingly, Spartan Group also owns various altcoins such as BEAM, PENDLE, RBN, GAL, MNT.

*This is not investment advice.


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